Monday, February 28, 2011

Rhythm in the Streets, Kitchens, & Rooftops

I followed heavy sounds of cymbals and bellowing bass to find a wild, counter-culture beat happening in the Shuk. Mahane Yehuda commonly know as "the Shuk" is by day the neighborhood-large open market where folks come to get produce, meat, and pita. I had been there a handful of times to pick up peppers and pita myself and it was a total 360 to walk in to this psychedelic dance party. The 5th of May, one of the few bars in the Shuk hosts a live show on Mondays and it's a liberating let-loose. Check out Tree from 2.14.11:

Tree live in the Shuk

The Shuk by Day

A couple of weeks ago I caught Tsatse for a lively and extremely intimate show. The band plays original and traditional Balkan music and the five members squeezed into the kitchen/bar of this tiny joint called the Zigmund in Jerusalem. The cafe can comfortably seat eight customers, but about 20 packed in surrounding the bar and another 20 peered through windows, doors, and crannies to enjoy the show and musical dialogue. Total vivacious experience! Enjoy the clip:

I've been making weekly pilgrimages to Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Essentially it's one big city that lies on the Mediterranean and is full of energy. To my surprise I was give an unexpected treat when "Why We Build the Wall" by Anais Mitchell came on at a bar I was hanging at. Anais is a friend and timeless artist from Vermont. Her folk opera, Hadestown is very relevant to the political climate here. So great to hear it in Tel Aviv!

My friend Ami Yares an ex-pat from the States, lives in a mostly Arab neighborhood in Jaffa and hosts a great concert series on his roof. His roof is an unbelievable setting for a show with a mosque in the backdrop. The sense of place is reinforced by the periodic chant from the Muezzin, the Arab caller to prayer. Below are a couple pics from the last two shows. I'll be playing as the featured act this Friday; looking forward!

Gary Bonanni and Lilach Perlstein-Bonanni

Muhammad Abu Ajaj & Son

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